When you grow up with stigma, people tell you a lot of well-meaning things that actually cause problems. When you face people treating you like you’re less of a person, someone will often say something like:

  • "You’ll prove them all wrong some day".
  • "It’s ok. You’ll…

What are you doing? from the examiner


What are you doing? from the examiner


Yogi’s look-out! by omylouse on Flickr.
What are you doing?


Yogi’s look-out! by omylouse on Flickr.

What are you doing?

#274: I just love when this happens…..


I work as a photo tech, and today an it guy called to troubleshoot the machine that reads our control strips each morning because it hasn’t been transmitting. He asked me specifically for a male manager because “women don’t understand these things as well as men”.


my friend kira suggested I make a gif to show people what hell looks like in motion, so behold


she wears a crown to show she’s one of my favourite specimens

Queerability Celebrates Autism Acceptance Month!


Autism Acceptance Month begins tomorrow, and we are looking forward to furthering the principles of neurodiversity and autism acceptance all month! We will be taking a look at the problematic organization Autism Speaks, looking at organizations that do good work for the autism community, hearing the stories of LGBTQ autistic people, and learning more about autism in general.

Celebrate Autism Acceptance Month with us and encourage your friends to do the same!



To say there is an uncomfortable air of fear in security is one (perhaps overblown) thing. To see the largest and only production of its kind, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line and an entire secondary production company locked in silent rapture under lit signage for Mountain Dew, the entire project gloriously rupturing like the belly of the Bismark – that is another. To be ushered by muted fear and nervous glances, to stand in desolate directors rooms filled with black screens and empty chairs. Darkened judging stands. Color-coded team challenge floors, soon to be dismantled, but left intact in the hopes that some shimmering archangel would descend and reinvigorate the 11 indie developers currently revolting against Maker Studios inside their rented Winnebagos.

To see the funeral procession of high creatives and story writers and production directors as they left the studio lot, heads down, on their way to a punishment tribunal we would only learn about in cracked voices and quaking half-jokes. The fake grass, crushed cigarette butts and empty beer cans; the trays upon trays of uneaten catering. And the understanding that it was a total wash – completely unsalvageable from a production standpoint – while the developers sat in tears, horror and shock on brand-integrated lawn chairs mere yards from a freelance crew already looking for their next gigs.

This is a very important article about an even that happened this past weekend at Maker Studios, one of the major production companies that manage groups such as the Game Grumps, Yogscast, and many other loved Youtubers. This is the story of how they fucked up, big. 

(Fun fact, the guy that wrote this article actually got fired for it VERY NEARLY GOT FIRED FOR IT, because the website it was published on is owned by Polaris.)

if you care about game development, the indie game scene, and/or the toxic environment of sexism in gaming at large, READ THIS ARTICLE AND THE THREE ARTICLES IT LINKS TO. It will be well worth your time.


when “equal ” != equal


there has been a lot of humdrum about the recent legalisation of gay marriage in the UK and even a cursory search online brings up hundreds of media articles about it. Television news and the tabloids have all jumped in to comment as well.

One thing that keeps cropping up is that they refer to this legalised gay marriage as equal marriage. As if that’s it, its all equal now we can just go home…

But this is not strictly true.

There are several key areas where the new gay marriage bill fall s short of true equality, most notably the ground for filing divorce from a traditional heterosexual marriage do not apply (such as one spouse committing adultery being grounds for divorce) thus not protecting the rights of the individuals involved in any gay marriage. Another is that the rights to pensions funds in the event of on e spouse passing away are not settled out in the same manner as a straight marriage, meaning again that people may lose out on some of the money they would have been entitled to, had they been heterosexual.

Another one is that previously, transgender people were forced to annul their marriages in order to get recognition as their desired gender. If a trans woman wished to be classed as such, then her marriage to another woman would have to be a lesbian marriage and therefore be annulled… so with gay marriage being legal, that should meant this step is not longer necessary? apparently not. Part of this is because the spouse has to acknowledge the transgender persons new gender identity and therefore acknowledge their position as a wife or husband within their relationship. If they do not do this, then the transgender person must either live without ever getting legal acknowledgement of their gender identity, or annul the marriage.

This would be rare, but effectively a person could force their transgender partner to annul the marriage in order to obtain legal recognition. This is known as “spousal veto” and champions the rights of a spouse over the transgender individual seeking gender recognition. As you can imagine, the costs of annulment and the loss of legal entitlements that come with this make this potentially damaging tot he transgender individuals rights and entitlements within law.

Besides this, civil partnerships are thrown under the bus as well. Couples deemed to be straight still cannot receive civil partnerships which means that in order to receive the benefits of marriage as a couple, they are to be acknowledge as husband and wife… something that still continues to erase genderqueer and non binary identities.

Finally a lot of headlines get this wrong twice by not only calling it equal marriage but that it is equal marriage for the UK.

This is also not true as the laws only apply to England and Wales, not Scotland or Northern Ireland (Scotland plans to legalise it later this year and Northern Ireland has NO plan to do so AT ALL). We are hardly classed as “United” when our rights for individuals still differ so.

Here are a few source articles detailing the flaws of the gay marriage legislation and I feel it is important that we keep people informed of this as the battle is not yet over.

I fear with all this misinformation from headlines detailing it as a solid victory, that those of us left dissatisfied or excluded from the new laws will simply be forgotten and left behind in the dust for years to come.

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ok I managed to bring it back around to a semi-normal looking bird somehow???
his parents are these two big buff bulbous monstrosities and he’s this tiny bedraggled five-pixel speck its kind of adorable


ok I managed to bring it back around to a semi-normal looking bird somehow???

his parents are these two big buff bulbous monstrosities and he’s this tiny bedraggled five-pixel speck its kind of adorable